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T.C. Testimonial

Dr. Schlesinger is a wonderful plastic surgeon with an excellent bedside manner. Due to a combination of illness and side effects of medications I lost all the subcutaneous fat in my face – my cheeks were hollowed and the lines of my facial muscles and ridges of my skull were clearly visible. Whenever someone would see my face for the first time, such as shop clerks, waiting staff at restaurants, etc., I could see a look of shock and then of pity in their expression, only for a second or two, but it was always there. I had become a recluse, only going out when I had to, never socializing, and the only mirror in my home was on the bathroom medicine cabinet and I kept my hair cut short so I wouldn’t have to use that one. Then a friend recommended Dr. Schlesinger. The doctor and his staff set me at ease immediately. When he told me he could restore my old face to me during my first appointment, I took it with a grain of salt, thinking that perhaps he could restore fullness to my face, but assuming it would look fake or obvious. Then we started the injections, and after the first few treatments I was very happy with the results. It wasn’t quite my old face, but at least I could go out without being stared at. But then as we continued, I couldn’t believe the results – Dr. Schlesinger restored my face to how it had looked before I became ill over 12 years earlier, and it doesn’t look fake. People I have known for a long time started telling me “you look so much better now that you have gained some of the weight you lost back, especially in your face. Now I am going out and socializing again. I’ve grown my hair out a bit because I don’t dread looking in the mirror anymore. I would recommend Dr. Schlesinger to anyone, especially if they are nervous about procedures because he and his staff take the time to explain everything in detail and answer questions.

J.B. Testimonial

As an adult it is very hard to make me say “wow”, Dr. Schlesinger has done this. Saying he is just an excellent surgeon would not allow a new potential patient to clearly understand him and the service he provides. I went into the office expecting to have my sugery and be on my way, it has been almost a year and I am still attending doctor visits, not because I have issues but because that is a service he offers his patients. I can feel confident about the decision I made to have this surgery because he is taking the extra time to make sure I am healing properly. I had two other consultations before feeling confident about Dr. Schlesinger. When you are making a life changing decision like this you want to feel comfortable and know that you are in good hands….Dr. Schlesinger provides that kind of service!

S.L. Testimonial

I would highly recommend Dr. Schlesinger’s office. He is considerate, approachable, and knowledgeable about the latest procedures and technology. I am very satisfied with my surgery results. In addition, his office staff is always friendly and kind. I plan on coming back in the future if I ever need another procedure.

Jadyn R. Testimonial

I am extremely happy with my whole experience. I would recommend dr schlesinger to my family and friends.

S.H. Testimonial

Dr Schlesinger is wonderful. He is very friendly and efficient in helping me as a patient. I have recently recommended two of my friends to him and they are now patients of Dr Schlesinger and has done a great job!

D.S. Testimonial

Thank you so much for all your kindness and generosity.