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I am extremely happy with my whole experience. I would recommend Dr. Schlesinger to my family and friends.

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S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, F.A.C.S., is a board certified plastic surgeon with more than 30 years of plastic surgery experience in Hawaii.

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About Liquid Facelift

The gold standard for facial rejuvenation is, of course, the full facelift, including eyelids, brow, face and neck. While facelifts in Hawaii are an excellent option that Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Larry Schlesinger, is happy to consult on, there are other less invasive options for facial rejuvenations. Facial injectables or fillers can create the liquid facelift Hawaii residents can choose as an alternative to surgery.

Non-surgical rejuvenation treatments in Hawaii can help to restore the fullness in your face, get rid of wrinkles temporarily, giving you a more youthful look. Botox and Sculptra are just a couple of the options for those that want facial rejuvenation in Hawaii with little or no down time. The benefit of these facial fillers and Botox-like injections is that they fill crevices and eliminate wrinkles, and in many cases attain a complete facial makeover with minimal bruising. Dr. Schlesinger has the expertise and experience necessary to evaluate your unique needs and to develop a treatment regimen that will enable you to attain your desired results.

Botox, Facial Fillers, Lip Injections, Dysport, Liquid Facelift, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse, Prevelle Silk and Sculptra in Honolulu, Hawaii

As a Honolulu plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery specialist, Dr. Schlesinger has extensive experience in determining whether it would be best to perform traditional facelift surgery or a non-surgical facelift or a combination of both. Hawaii cosmetic surgery patients often visit for a consultation after hearing about some of the available injectables such as Botox or Restylane, but many do not understand what each type of injectable does or which would be appropriate given their needs.

Dr. Schlesinger’s experience with combinations of injectables allows us to tailor a treatment plan specifically for each patient. Dr. Schlesinger offers Honolulu Cosmetic Surgery facial injectables at his Kapiolani Boulevard location. At his Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Schlesinger also offers the possibility of a liquid facelift. These two offices are dedicated to developing a treatment regimen of either surgery or injectables for each Hawaii Cosmetic Surgery resident.

Botox – Probably the most popular of the facial injectables, Botox reduces underlying muscle movement in the frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. Repeat injections are necessary to maintain the unwrinkled effect.

Dysport – Similar to Botox with slightly quicker results due to its diffusing more readily than Botox, Dysport is very successful for temporarily removing forehead wrinkles. It also requires repeat injections.

Restylane – Helps to restore elasticity to skin by replacing hyaluronic acid. This is perhaps the best known of all the fillers. Restylane requires repeat injections every six months and pairs well with Perlane treatments.

Perlane – Similar to Restylane, Perlane is used to fill deeper wrinkles and sunken cheeks. It is also effective in shaping lips, chins and cheeks. Reinjection should be sought every ten months to one year.

Radiesse – Replaces lost collagen throughout the face and helps to restore volume and fullness. Radiesse also is used to augment cheekbones and chins.

Prevelle Silk – Less expensive than other fillers, Prevelle Silk is especially effective on the fine wrinkles of the upper lip.

Sculptra – Helps to restore healthy skin by thickening the under surface of the skin known as dermis. It can be combined with a traditional facelift for a more complete result. Sculptra usually has a course of three treatments over three months.

Chin Augmentations, Improvement of Under Eye Bags, and Other Liquid Facelift Procedures in Hawaii

The liquid facelift can be used to make cheekbones or do a chin augmentation which is quick and relatively simple, but not permanent. Some patients may opt to undergo a traditional facelift in order to get their desired result. Dr. Schlesinger will meet with you personally to discuss your medical and/or surgical options. Dr. Schlesinger has years of extensive experience in dealing with various cosmetic surgical and also cosmetic medical issues. Dr. Schlesinger has invented a melasma treatment that has been beneficial to his Honolulu patients. He, of course, also offers rhinoplasty, eyelid, otoplasty and other surgical procedures. Your consultation will be personally with Dr. Schlesinger, and he will answer your concerns with professional care and compassion.

Contact Dr. Larry Schlesinger

Whether you are interested in Botox injections at our Kapiolani offices, would like more information about a liquid facelift, or want a traditional facelift at our Mommy Makeover Institute of Hawaii, Dr. Larry Schlesinger makes obtaining these cosmetic plastic surgery services, as well as less invasive injections, easy and convenient for you. With our three locations to serve you and a highly trained and friendly staff, you can enhance your own natural beauty in ways that fit your lifestyle and schedule. Call one of our offices today to arrange for a consultation with Dr. Schlesinger to discuss which option or options would best fit you. You can reach us at the following locations: Oahu Plastic Surgery Center, 808-597-8835; Mommy Makeover Institute of Hawaii, 808-597-8835.